Thursday, January 1, 2015

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Hello 2015

Today I am joining the world of Blogging.  Hopefully someone will find my thoughts and shares interesting enough to follow.
So,  Here we go.
 I will start with an improvised recipe for cooking a Rabbit.  My son went to his deer lease in east Texas last weekend and came home with a Rabbit.  He is tanning the hide and it is my job to cook the critter.  On my most recent visit to to my home town in Louisiana  I inquired amongst the family  "How to cook a Rabbit".  The most common reply was to Fry It.  Apparently this is the most delicious way to enjoy a rabbit.
I cut it into pieces as one would cut a chicken for frying.  Prepared a marinade.
marinating in milk, egg,  olive oil, rosemary and thyme

Fried to a golden brown, crispy finish

It does look yummy.

Hope you all are having a wonderful start into the New Year.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend With Family

A must share moment.   We've all heard of the Stay-cation.  Well I finally had mine.  We recently had a pool installed in our back yard.  Well,  as anyone who knows me can appreciate, I enjoy having family visit from Louisiana.  Having a pool in the back yard can take a ordinary weekend and make it a Fabulous Weekend.   My Mom and one of my sisters planned a visit to see my new pool.  They got here on Thursday.  The next day, my brother phones in and inquires of the happenings of the day.  I share the events and he asked "What's for Dinner"  I respond and He continues,  Well,  I'm 30 minutes away.  I am ecstatic.  An addition to a "family unit" visit.  The weekend was perfect.  Being from Louisiana,  We enjoyed lots of food and fun.

Be open to unexpected surprises and embrace every moment with Family.  They are the most blessed gift one can receive.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Today I was inspired by taking my recycling to the recycling center in our area rather than leaving it our for the "Recycling Truck" which passing each week.  
About 2 years My world became CRAMMED.  I felt uncomfortable, uneasy, but I could not figure out what was different.  I felt completely Unfulfilled.  I was loosing my passion for the things I enjoyed and kept me "Alive".  I had to talk myself into practicing Yoga and Meditation.  These are two things that are my lifeline, keep me connected to spiritual self.  Well, I have kept drudging through my Life.  i tell myself to just keep moving and it can only get better.  Today I had a realization.  I had given my recycling self to the mercy of the garbage pick in our neighborhood.  For years,  I would take my recycling to the local recycling center and distribute the items into their respective containers.  it was a routine and a connection to my recycling process.  I was an integral part of my recycling.  Rinsing each item before I put it in the recycling bin at my house to just dump it all in one container, bring it out to the street and trusting that the service we have in our neighborhood actually separated my hand rinsed, gently placed recyclable items were being handled in a proper manner.  You know,  trusting that the service would hand separate and respect the process as I had before placing my recyclable items in the hands and hearts of others.
As you may have already gathered,  I was not comfortable turning my precious process over to the care of others.  It had totally taken away my balance.
Well, Today I changed that.  I place all the recyclable items I had been hoarding in my garage (because for weeks now I could not bring myself to set my precious recyclable items out on the street in hopes of being cared for properly.)  I proudly took my precious cargo to the local recycling center and gently, carefully placing each item in its respective bin to be recycled  as intended.  Not allowing my unneeded items to be thrust out into a huge pile of refuge to be buried and not allowed to be useful again.
As I was processing my items,  I had an epiphany.  This is what is meant to be.  It may take a little extra time out of my day, out of my week.  But the feeling of satisfaction of making a contribution to caring for our environment put me at peace once again.  Now, I look forward to taking that extra time to go to my local recycling center and making my contribution to a better world that we all live in.


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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome to My Happy Place. 
I am new to blogging so please join me in My Adventure.
    I am currently on a quest for spiritual enlightenment through Yoga practice and Meditation.  I look forward to meeting and sharing with “Others” on a similar journey.  As I  look into myself to share my first Post I am reminded of what I am being enlightened about at this time in my life.

I am a mother of two teenagers, ages 15 and 13.  My son is the older child and (then of course) my daughter is the younger.  It has been an interesting "Ride" through their puberty and how I am enlightened through my spiritual quest at this time in "Our" lives.  Yes,  I say "Our" because we are in this together.  It is how my life is is guiding theirs.

Anyway,  This evening, I had an interesting experience with one of my son's friends.  It opened my eyes, once again, to how much, as parents, we rely on our spiritual guides to get us through the day.

We had been out most of the day and when we got home, my son went out In the Hood to visit with friends.  not long afterwards I get a call from a mom.  "Are my kids at your house"  I first said no that my son was out and about.  But wait, the dogs are barking.  I go outside, still on the phone with the mom, we begin talking about the A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E of her teenagers.  She is telling me she is on her way to Get them. 
As we are talking   the girls figure out the conversation and proceed to Head out down the drive way, with Mom on the way. 
You must picture this,  Her daughter was running through backyards with the Grace of "Oh My Gosh"  I got caught.  
I had to Laugh at this point. I told the Mom to take a breath.    Thinking of, being a kid at that age and being a parent in this age.  I had a feeling of Nurturing and understanding.  Of course I do not know the full circumstances but my thought was back to the days of Parenting Magazine.  There was an article about a mom who found her very young children getting into something " not allowed"and went to get her camera to enjoy the moment rather than let her frustration take over.  Hopefully I can recall that article when things come up that really just require a bit of Nurturing and understanding.
"Flour Angels"

Look Mommy  "I painted the stool'
Hey Mommy " We are taking a bath"

These were not "Staged events"  Life was interesting back then as it is now.
And Always Remember
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